Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Question to Croydon Council 28/01/2013

Why is the National Front website blocked by Croydon Library computers?  Who is responsible for blocking websites? And when will Croydon residents be able to view the websites of all registered political parties on Library computers?

Answer provided by Cllr Tim Pollard

Croydon libraries' public access internet is provided via the London Grid for learning (LGfL) neywork and is subject to their acceptable use policy and filtering software. This filtering software checks a large database of website addresses (URLs) which have been categorised according to their content. A large number of websites, too numerous to list, are blocked because their content is violent, sexually explicit, racist, terrorist, or inappropriate for use in public space.
It is possible to re-categorise a website at. A local level but any decision must be made against the criteria above and not contravene the LGfL acceptable use policy.
The request to unblock the National Front website has been considered. The site falls under the LGfL category of "racism and hatred" which is why it is blocked.

Supplementary question by myself

The National Front is a registered political party, not a hate group.

Why has the Council not blocked Page 3 of the Sun, Hizb ut-Tahriri, the Communist Party or other racial interest parties, like Operation Black Vote?

Why are LGfL denying blocking the National Front website?

If you can’t agree who is to blame for blocking the National Front website, how disorganised will libraries be when they are fully privatised?

Cllr Pollard refused to answer the Supplementary   question but Cllr Stuart Collins (lab) went on to say that he does not agree with the blocking of the NF website and that Nick Griffin on Question Time did more damage to the far right than the left had ever done.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Question for Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

On Wednesday 23rd Jan, a number of nationalists attended a public meeting with Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe at Croydon College. Surprisingly I was allowed to ask him a question.


Why are racially motivated crimes against white people not taken as seriously as those committed against other ethnic minorities?

I know the commissioner will try to deny this, so I have a couple of disgraceful examples.

Firstly; the night stalker Delroy Grant was found guilty of a number of burglaries and rapes, carried out on elderly men and women, all of whom were White, yet none of his crimes were treated as racially motivated.

Secondly the cases of a number of women arrested for alleged racially motivated public order offences. Jacqueline Woodhouse (a White lady) was sentenced to 21 weeks imprisonment over an incident on the Central Line. Emma West (a White Lady) is awaiting trial over an alleged incident on the Croydon Tram and has served a couple of weeks on remand and Vandell Brooks (a Black Lady) was sentenced to 1 week imprisonment and a £200 fine for an incident on a London Bus, at a secret trial that the police would not disclose the date of. Vandell had already failed to appear at a previous hearing. The Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Press all came down a lot harder on the White women than the Black woman. How do you justify this??????

(The question received a great response from the audience)


Hogan-Howe refused to fully answer the question; on grounds that some of the cases are ongoing (in fact Emma West’s case is the only ongoing case that I mentioned)

He did say that ‘some cases need extra attention due to people being unable to speak English or having mental health issues, then he repeated the lie that “everyone is treated the same regardless of race”.
My Question to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe