Friday, 26 July 2013

Looney House Demo 27/7/2013

Looney House/UKBA

Saturday 27/7/2013 the EVF held a demonstration against immigration at Lunar House AKA Looney House. All patriots were welcome to attend and several National Front members had said that they would be there.

The demo has already attracted the attention of a number of leftists.
Mike Fisher the Conservative leader of Croydon Council has called for the demo to be banned. It seems the Tories support the right to peaceful protest around the world, but not round here. He is fully supported in this by the Labour leader of the so called 'opposition' Tony Newman.

 The 'Night Stalker' Delroy Grant committed a number of
 burglaries, rapes and assaults on elderly white men and women.

For anyone not familiar with Croydon politics here are some more Croydon Conservative Councillors, Maria Gatland nee McGuire - a former IRA gun runner who openly admits to praying for the death of British Soldiers in Northern Ireland, Adam Kellet - who responded to an email informing him that all of the Night Stalker Delroy Grants victims were white by defending him, saying that the chances of his crimes being racially motivated are extremely rare and Sara Bashford - who at a council meeting claimed that immigrants shouldn't have to learn to speak English, this was met by great applause from both Labour and Conservative councillors.

Gavin Barwell MP love diversity but lives in the whitest
 part of Croydon

Gavin Barwell Conservative MP for Croydon Central has made a sickening statement likening law abiding citizens holding a peaceful protest to the terrorists who executed a brave British soldier on the streets of London. Barwell who admits a lot of his constituency case work involves helping immigrants avoid deportation wrote “they have much in common with those responsible for the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby”. The full article can be read hear

 The 'Far Left' attacking the police at a previous
 Looney House demo

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