Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Voice of Albion

Last Sunday I had the great pleasure of going on the Voice of Albion radio show on the White network, where I was interviewed by fellow White Nationalist Paul Hickman.
It has today been brought to my attention that a communist group (Kingston UAF) has posted a clip from the show on their blog, they found the interview utterly boring, but still took the trouble to do a blog article about it – describing my comments about their Hammer and Sickle waiving as “in typical paranoid conspiracy theorist-style” I include a photo to let the readers make up their own minds.
Here is their Blog article and the full radio interview can be found at the bottom of this page.

SW London National Front organiser Tony Martin took to the airwaves this week to defend his best mate, and infamous Nazi saluter, Chris Hurst.
The candidate for Croham ward in Croydon appeared on a White Power radio channel, The White Network, to do an utterly boring interview. He took the opportunity to defend Chris for his fascist salute at a Neo-Nazi concert in Hungary – and accuse antifascists of being “hammer and sickle-waving communists”, in typical paranoid conspiracy theorist-style.
Tony’s defence of people doing Hitler salutes comes as he has had to admit that he will not be able to stand as a National Front candidate, after a faction fight split the Nazi party in half and Tony’s enemies walked off with the legal rights to the name.
Instead he’ll have to run as an independent – after having already spent months and months going round the ward on his own trying to get a NF leaflet drawn with coloured pencils through every door.

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