Sunday, 7 October 2012

Out4Marriage Video (Stephen Fry)

Stephen Fry is the latest in a long line of celebrities to do an Out4Marriage video.

A number of his claims are utter nonsense.
Claim number one; He claims that equal rights for gay marriage are not about forcing Priests or Clerics of any religion to marry people in their churches if they don’t want to.

Fact; The Gender Recognition Act 2004 created a process to enable transsexuals to get their birth certificates and legal gender changed. Meaning they can marry in church by law and someone could face jail for a hate crime for refusing them.

Claim number two; 260 animal species have shown signs of homosexuality yet only 1 can be homophobic.

Fact; Homosexuality does exist in the Animal Kingdom, as does Rape, Murder, Theft, Fraud and Paedophilia. It doesn't make it right.

Fact; A ‘phobia’ is an irrational fear. A genuine fear or revolution cannot be a phobia, therefore there is no such thing as ‘homophobia’.

Fry even goes on to slag off the National Front by claiming “the Union Jack isn’t just for hideous National Front types” as a National Front type, I fly the Union Flag outside my house and will fly it at half-mast or not at all, if homosexual marriage becomes law.

Please sign this petition to have the Union Flag flying from all government buildings in the UK.

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