Sunday, 1 July 2012

BTP anti-white leaflet

Dear Gavin Barwell MP
On your blog and on twitter, you have made several posts about confronting racism. I have contacted you a number of times about anti-white racism and you haven't gotten back to me.

On Wednesday 27th June, British Transport Police Officers were at South Kensington Underground Station, handing out 'Tricks of Pickpockets.' leaflets. In the leaflet there are six pictures demonstrating the techniques of pickpockets. In these pictures 5 pickpockets are white and 1 you cannot determine the race.
This kind of orwellian brainwashing is on the rise in Great Britain these days. Homosexuals are using it to campaign to have children exposed to images of same sex couples in school books, also at Wednesdays Talk London meeting we were exposed to an hour of pro-Boris Johnson propaganda before the meeting started.

I made a complaint to BTP via e-mail on Thursday and as yet have not received a response. If you are serious about confronting racism can you please look into this leaflet which can be found here

I understand that if you watch the videos there are non-whites involved in the scams, but only a very small percentage of people who look at the leaflet, will bother to watch the videos.

Kind Regards

Tony Martin

Please sign this petition to have the Union Flag flying from all government buildings in the UK.

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