Sunday, 9 December 2012

Croydon Libraries Internet policy

*Update at bottom of page

It was brought to my attention that during the recent Croydon North by-election, Croydon residents had tried and failed to gain access to the National Front website on Croydon Library computers.

On Friday 7th December I went to my local library (Thornton Heath) to find out what websites were accessible.

Not Accessible

The following message came up.

 Accessible (Communist paper) (extremist Muslim site)

 I have emailed Croydon Council to ask them to rectify the situation.

Hopefully there has been some mistake and not deliberate malice. I visit the National Front website regularly and have never seen any hate speech on there.

It is only fair that the people of Croydon have equal access to the websites of all legally registered political parties.

Croydon Council are blaming ‘the London Grid for Learning’ (LGfL) a charity that provides the internet for Croydon Libraries. I contacted LGfL and they claim their customers have the choice to pick and choose what sites they have access to.

On 28th January I will question Croydon Council at a full council meeting.

Please sign this petition to have the Union Flag flying from all government buildings in the UK.


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