Friday, 30 November 2012

Croydon North By-Election

Thank You to everyone who voted for Richard Edmonds, National Front Candidate. Richard finished 8th

The results were as follows
CARTWRIGHT John Sydney (Official Monster Raving Loony Party) 110
EDMONDS Richard Charles (National Front)161
HAMMOND Stephen Charles (Christian Peoples Alliance)192
JASPER Lee Andrew (Respect (George Galloway)770
KHAN Shasha Islam (Green Party)855
LANE Simon Robert (Nine Eleven Was An Inside Job)66
McKENZIE Winston Truman (UK Independence Party)1400
RAY Marisha (Liberal Democrats)860
REED Steve (Labour Party)15891 Elected
SMITH Robin (Young People's Party YPP)63
STEVENSON Ben (The Communist Party Candidate)119
STRANACK Andrew Jeremy (The Conservative Party Candidate)4137

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Please sign this petition to have the Union Flag flying from all government buildings in the UK.

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