Thursday, 31 May 2012

Debate on Same Sex Marriage

Wednesday 30th May, Gavin Barwell MP, held a public debate on Same Sex Marriages.
There was a good turnout with about two thirds being against changing the meaning of marriage.
Points made were as follows.

For Homosexual Marriage

1. Civil Partnership is already allowed by some churches.
2. People in their 60s and 70s are allowed to get married despite being unable to have children.
3. It would be better for children living in Same Sex households if their guardians were married.
4. Same Sex Marriage was in the Conservative Equalities Manifesto.
5. Some Christians agree with Same Sex Marriage.
6. Being married would promote monogamy and prevent the spread of HIV and Aids.
7. Divorced people have been legally allowed to marry for years, but Churches do not have to conduct the ceremony.

Against Homosexual Marriage
1. Churches could be banned for refusing to conduct Same Sex services.
2. One sex can't take the place of another.
3. Christian's could have their rights taken away, by the European Court of Human Rights. Lawyers believe barring Homosexuals from marrying in churches could be illegal under article 14 of ECHR.
4. Civil Partnership already exists and has the same legal standing as marriage.
5. Christians are already being persecuted, for being against Same Sex Civil Partnerships. E.g. the Registrar sacked for refusing to conduct Homosexual Civil Ceremonies.
6. Catholic adoption agencies are being forced to close for not allowing LGBT's to adopt.
7. It would open the door to further erosion's of marriage (in Holland they allow 3 person marriages and Mexico City allows 2 year wedding contracts where you can not bother to renew at the end)
8. In countries who already allow Same Sex Marriage, people are referred to as partners rather than husband and wife.
9. When Abortion was legalised it was claimed by government that it would hardly ever happen and now people are having multiply terminations.
10. Would be confusing for children having 2 mums or 2 dads.
11. In Sweden the divorce rate for homosexual men is twice the national average, while for women it’s 3 times.

My contribution was that, allowing Same Sex Marriage would encourage more Homosexuals, to move to Great Britain.
With 1 in 12 Homosexual Men in London, having HIV or Aids, this would put a massive strain on the NHS, which is already over stretched by the government going back on their pledge, to not cut its funding. 
Homosexual Men are statistically a lot more likely to be Paedophiles, than Normal Men.

At the end of the meeting Gavin condemned me for mentioning paedophilia but failed to say whether he disagreed with my statistics or just thought it should be brushed under the carpet?

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