Monday, 25 June 2012

Debate on Same Sex Marriage (Part 2)

Following last month’s debate on ‘Same Sex Marriage’ where Gavin Barwell MP, claimed that Lillian Ladele the Islington registrar sacked for refusing to conduct Civil Ceremonies, deserved to be fired, yet Muslims working in supermarkets should not have to handle alcohol because they can do other duties instead.

As ridiculous as these claims may be, I decided to investigate and filed a Freedom of Information Request with Islington Council, which resulted in the following response.

Same Sex Civil Ceremonies in Islington

- 5th Dec 2005 to 31st December 2006 - 349
- 2007 - 189
- 2008 - 140
- 2009 - 133
- 2010 - 144
- 2011 - 145
- 2012 to date - 70

Total to date - 1170

Registrars employed by Islington

15 Registrars

These results show that with 15 registrars, it would have been relatively easy for Islington Borough Council, to have allowed Lillian Ladele to carry out other duties and for other registrars to deal with the civil ceremonies.

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